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Google AdWords (CPC)

Google AdWords Management (PPC or CPC)
Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click Advertising

Generate instant website traffic, visitors and sales through Google's Cost Per Click (CPC) AdWords program. Define a fixed daily budget and let our experts do the rest. A direct and measurable return on your monthly marketing investment. Generally this is a three step process; create adverts, adverts appear on Google and potential customers click adverts to visit your website.

Where steps in: Our professionals work within your monthly AdWords budget and target high value and high return keywords specific to your industry, products and services. Signup and we'll get customers, leads, enquiries and foot traffic for your website.

1. Keyword Analysis
Targets your industry, analyses your competitors and optimises your budget.

2. Campaign Content
Develop your adverts, demographics, bids, landing pages & sales offerings.

3. Report & Revise
Iteration is key to success, we constantly provide content, updates & metrics.