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Digital Search (SEO)

Search (SEO, SEM)?
Search Engine Optimisation or Marketing

SEO: Technical processes affecting your website visibility and friendliness to search engines like Googe, Yahoo! and Bing. Main targets are text local search results but image or video search are commonplace focal points too. We ensure your website is friendly to search engines, what your customers are searching on is relevant and may update your website programming or content to deliver results.

SEM: The promotion of your website by increasing search engine results pages (SERP). This includes many methods but the result is focused on increasing your website popularity, rank and position in natural or organic search results.

1. Optimisation (SEO)
Enhance your website & content to be friendly for search engines & customers.

2. Marketing (SEM)
Improve your search results, popularity and visibility for industry keywords.

3. Results Reporting
Revise on your website, popularity and competitors performance.